Our Story


The Scandinavian hospitality and culinary traditions have a unique ability to inspire and nurture people’s hearts. We truly believe that bringing such inspiration to our customers’s lives is key to developing a society with a greater sense of self and collective care.

Our brand’s purpose is reflected in our logo as much as in our product quality, store atmosphere, work and customer relations.

Our original creations and signature products are sure to meet your expectations. You can also give us a call to order something extra special.



The heart is a symbol that holds a special meaning in Scandinavia. Historically, Norwegians offered heart-shaped waffles to guests in family gatherings or social events. The reason for this is twofold. First, all of the ingredients required to produce waffles were conveniently available in lands near people’s homes; proximity, as you can imagine, was a valuable asset in areas characterized by hostile temperatures. Second, waffles with a heart shape symbolized offering the very best you had to your guests. Today, you will find waffles in cafes that offer traditional Scandinavian food.

Aware of its unique meaning, in 2004, the owner decided to adopt the heart as a brand logo for his hotel and hospitality company in Norway.

Years later, when the owner founded Nordic Food Company and Nordic Bakery and Coffee House in the United States, he readapted this treasured heart to the new enterprise hoping to bring the same passion, care, and love that defined his former businesses into this new adventure.

Today Nordic Bakery and Coffee House pours its heart into every single recipe it creates, each ingredient it selects, every product it crafts, and each customer it welcomes.

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