Danish Pastry Full size

Danish pastry, also known as Wienerbrød in the Scandinavian countries, is made of Danish dough, a leavened type of puff pastry containing eggs and sugar. Though Wienerbrød is currently connected to Copenhagen, it was actually invented in Austria and brought to Denmark 150 years ago. There it
was re-adapted to suit the Scandinavian taste which demands sweeter and richer products.

Today, our pastry lives up to this history. It owes its unique taste to the intricate combination of multiple layers of Danish dough made with flour, butter and a gentle touch of sugar. Its soft texture is the result of an extended leavening process. The arousing aromas are produced by setting the oven at the perfect temperature.

Butter Croissant


Delicate layered croissant with a buttery rich flavor and light texture. Produced in Belgium following the traditional French recipe.


Rich butter and world-renowned Belgian chocolate combined. Perfect for breakfast, dessert or anytime treat.

Belgian Chocolate Bun

Maple Pecan Plait


Maple filling folded between layers of danish dough, topped with roasted pecan

Danish Cheese Plait


Twenty-four layers of danish dough filled with sweet cheese and a touch of
powdered sugar on top.

Blackberry Cream Fan

Chocolate Croissant


Rich all-butter croissant filled with authentic Belgian chocolate and hazelnut ganache with creamy chocolate on top.

Almon Croissant


Rich all-butter croissant filled with sweet almond paste and topped with delicious
toasted almond slices.

Danish Raspberry Crown


Crunchy and flaky texture filled with our special raspberry cream right on the

Danish Apple Crown


Chunky apple filling wrapped in twenty-four layers of danish dough.


Fresh picked berries natural taste, plus a soft and crispy pastry dough makes thisproduct irresistable.

Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl


The classic Danish cinnamon swirl. Light and airy texture with an irresistible sweet flavor. This danish recipe was later adapted to create the American Cinammon Roll.